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2016 Election Official Training

Here is a quote from Bill Gardner’s Opinion piece in the Union Leader today:

“I offer my sincere thanks to our moderators, our town, ward and city clerks, our selectmen, supervisors of the checklist, and inspectors of elections/ballot clerks and all others who help out at our polling places. Their duties as election officials require stamina, impartiality and patience. I deeply appreciate everyone who contributes to the success of our primary, including volunteers like the Granite State Ambassadors, who help greet visitors and make them feel at home; the state police who retrieve voting returns from local election officials and deliver them to the State House; the family members who support the efforts of election workers, and finally and most importantly, the voters who participate throughout the entire presidential primary process, and whom I predict, will cast their ballots in record numbers in this 100th anniversary year.”


Ballots Cast-Names on Checklist – FORM A

Democratic_Moderators_Worksheet_2016-01-04_v4 Republican_Moderators_Worksheet_2016-01-04_v4

Electronic Ballot Counting Device Forms
Memory Card Activity Log
Access Log
Canvas Bag Activity Log
Counting Device Activity Log
Standard Operating Procedures & Ballot Testing
EBCD Procedures

Secretary of State PowerPoint Presentation-Part 1
Secretary of State PowerPoint Presentation-Part 2

 Longevity Award Recipients
10 Years of Service
15 Years of Service
20 Years of Service
25 Years of Service
30 Years of Service
35 Years of Service-Nancy B. Jambard
40 Years of Service-A. Elizabeth Priebe

DES Presentation

NEW!  Guidance for Processing NHDES Wetlands and Shoreland Permit Application Forms