NH Certification Program

NHTCA/NHCTCA Joint Certification Program
August 12, 2019 – August 16, 2019
Primex, Concord, New Hampshire
**scholarships are available**

Experts agree that professional success depends primarily on human relations skills.  Superior human relations skills enhanced with detailed technical knowledge combine together to create the kind of professional image we all strive to project.  The quest to gain these powerful tools of the trade has been fulfilled with the formation of the NHTCA/NHCTCA Joint Certification Program.

The Certification Program includes courses specifically tailored to meet the needs of Tax Collectors and City & Town Clerks while retaining the general education courses common to both professions.  Designed as individual courses that are not dependent upon prior years’ studies, each course offers insight into a specific realm of professional development.  Courses offered for this year are outlined on the attached sheet.  Hopefully, your curiosity will be piqued enough to give at least one or two offerings a try.

Classes are scheduled to take place August 12-16, 2019 at Primex in Concord.  Sessions begin at 9AM and continue until 4PM with regularly scheduled breaks for refreshment and spirited conversation.  Lunch will be catered in for your convenience.  Housing arrangements have been made with the Hampton Inn.  The classrooms at Primex and the rooms at Hampton Inn are air conditioned!

The enclosed registration form is your passport to higher learning and the beginning of your journey toward becoming the best that you can be.  If this is your first year and you plan to complete both Town Clerk Certification and Tax Collector Certification, please sign up this year under the course choice of A for Tax Collector.  Remember, no previous experience is required and along with taking all of the requisite courses, attaining or retaining your title of New Hampshire Certified Town/City Clerk or New Hampshire Certified Tax Collector is accomplished by attending either regional meetings or workshops annually OR the annual conventions AND attending a recertification class at least once every 5 years.

Partial to full scholarships are available for individuals restricted from attending due to budgetary constraints.  To apply, complete the enclosed application form before ???? and mail to:

Katie Gargano, Treasurer NHTCA/NHCTCA Joint Certification Program 316 Central Street Franklin, NH  03235

So, pack your bags and experience the thrill of becoming one of the elite class of municipal officials dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through self-discovery and development by participating in the 2019 Joint Certification Program.