Special Committees

[tab:NH City/Town Clerk/Tax Collector Joint Certification Committee]

NH City/Town Clerk/Tax Collector Joint Certification Committee

Purpose of Committee:
The purpose of the Certification Committee is to put together the continuing education program for the NH Clerks and Tax Collectors. This is a three year program held for one week during the month of August (four years for collectors) for which participants who successfully complete the program receive their certification as Certified NH Town/City Clerks/Tax Collectors. The Committee is responsible for securing the location, lodging, teaching staff and the materials to be covered to meet the required accreditation hours of continuing education.

Current Membership:

Brenda DuLong-Co-Chair, Merrimack
Joyce McGee, Vice-Chair, Whitefield
Michele Knowles, Secretary, Seabrook
Terri Littlefield, Treasurer, Newmarket
Terri Briand, Litchfield
Sue McKinnon, Newfields
Daphne Woss, Brentwood
Erica Anthony, Pittsfield
Julianna Hale, Atkinson
Laura Mills, Litchfield

[tab:Vital Records Improvement Committee]

Vital Records Improvement Committee

Purpose of Committee:
Members of this Committee assist the Secretary of State and other committee members in administering the vital records fund and provide input on behalf of the NH Town/City Clerks relative to the improvements being considered for the State’s vital records program. Committee members update the Executive Board on changes being considered.

Current Membership:

Kelli Barnaby- Portsmouth
Sue McKinnon, Newfields
Andie Kohler, Exeter

[tab: DMV Initiative Committee]

DMV Initiative Committee

Purpose of Committee:

Current Membership:
Nicole Merrill, Windham
Jane Farrell, Wilton
Tammy Bakie, Kingston

[tab:New Clerk’s Workshop]

New Clerk’s Workshop

Purpose of Committee:
The purpose of this Committee is to put together a program and conduct training sessions for newly elected/appointed Clerks. The training sessions are designed to advise new clerks of the duties of their roles and assist them in the correct procedures to complete the duties. Two training sessions are held in April as most communities conduct their elections in March. Committee members present the information to the new clerks in a classroom setting.

Current Membership:
Sue McKinnon, Chair – Newfields
Patricia Waterman – Wolfeboro

[tab:Record Retention Committee]

Record Retention Committee

Purpose of Committee:
The Association appoints a representative to work with the State’s Municipal Records Board in reviewing and updating any changes to the State’s Records Retention Rules. The representative advised the Executive Board on any proposed changes and solicits their input regarding the proposals.

Current Membership:
Patricia Tucker – Ashland
Belinda Yeaton- Mont Vernon

[tab:Semi-Trailer Committee]

Semi-Trailer Committee

Purpose of Committee:
This group will work throughout the next year to come up with a rebuttal to the highly anticipated semi-trailer bill in next year’s session.  We would like to be an “all hands on deck” team as the time gets closer.

Current Membership:
Diane Trippett-Merrimack Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Joan Dargie-Milford Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Brenda Adams-Manchester Tax Collector

[tab:Handbook Committee]

Handbook Committee

Nicole Merrill, Windham
Sally Kellar, Bedford
Kim Kerekes, Barrington
Terri Marsh
Julianna Hale, Atkinson
Sue Buchanan, North Hampton